Design an Development of film and media music in a variety of sonic aesthetics.


Orchestration and Instrumentation for small, middle and large ensembles.


Audio Production and Mixing of music inhouse and in collaboration with professional studios worldwide.



Composition and Arrangement of film and media music in various musical genres.


Recording and Acoustic Engineering with professional studio musicians inhouse and in collaboration with excellent film music orchestras worldwide.

Studio Basel - Controllers

Finishing and Mastering of audio material inhouse and in collaboration with excellent mastering studios worldwide.

Instrument Libraries

VIENNA SYMPHONIC LIBRARY - Worlds biggest orchestral library
SPITFIRE AUDIO - Exeptional Virtual Instruments Made in Great Britain
CINESAMPLES - Sample Libraries by composers, for composers
SPECTRASONICS - High Class Virtual Instruments
NATIVE INSTRUMENTS - Professional Software for Music Production
EAST WEST QUANTUM LEAP - World Famous Synthetic Instruments
UNIVERSAL AUDIO - Premium Class Audio Engneering Tools
ARTURIA - Best Manufacturer of Analogue Simulations
U-HE - Urs Heckmann Plugins
FXpansion - Best Virtual Drummer
SAMPLE MODELLING - Experimental Approach in Sample Modelling
AUDIO EASE ALTIVERB - Industry Standard Convolution Reverb

Studio Equipment

Computing - Apple Mac Pro
DAW Host - Nuendo 8.3, Cubase Pro 10
AD/DA Conversion - RME Audio
Main Monitoring - Quested 5.1 / 2.1 / 2.0

Dolby Surround - Dolby Digital 5.1
Microphones - Neumann U87, Brauner Phantom, AKG C414, Rode K2, Schoeps, Sony, Shure
Notation - Avid Sibelius